Focus on what matters instead of remembering everything about your Pulumi projects. Whether you are new to Pulumi or a seasoned user, Deskypus aims to simplify your development workflow.

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Add your Pulumi projects to the workspace and access everything about them quickly and easily, without having to juggle terminal tabs and running several commands.

Projects Projects
Plugins Plugins

Manage Plugins

Keep track of the space used by plugins on your machine. Get notified when the space used by the plugins cache crosses a threshold. Take back what's yours.


Create environments each with their own environment variables so you can seamlessly switch between environments with the variables automatically initialized in your default shell.

Environments Environments
Account Switcher Account Switcher

Switch Accounts

Use multiple self-managed backends? Switch accounts quickly and explore the stacks in multiple projects easily.

Pulumi CLI Update Notifications
Get notified about new versions of Pulumi CLI so you can turn off CLI update checks permanently by setting PULUMI_SKIP_UPDATE_CHECK in your shell.
Dark Mode Support
Easy on your eyes day and night. Choose your preferred theme or let the app follow your system theme.
Tray Icon
The tray icon menu gives you quick access to your Pulumi accounts and the environments you've created so you can switch between them easily while working with multiple projects.


Deeplink is a browser extension that allows you to clone/open a Pulumi project right from onto your desktop.

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